Why Millennials Need to Think about Disability Insurance

Millennials are shaping up to be one of the most influential and unique generations of all time. They’re already the biggest population in US history, consisting of 92 million people (compared to 77 million “baby-boomers”), and they currently make up close to half of the American workforce. One thing that sets millennials apart from past…

Five Common Causes of Disability—Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

The concern over losing employees is something that keeps many HR managers and CEOs up throughout the night, and for good reason. Replacing even a $10/hr employee can cost over $3,000, and the expense of finding someone to take over a high-level position can be $8,000 or more. Even if you treat your employees like…

Take Control of Your Paycheck!

Everyone looks forward to payday, but for some, the excitement is tied more to being able to make rent than the gratification of a job well done. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is something that most people go through at one point or another (half of Americans find themselves in such a situation), and it can be a…

Caring for Employee Financial Health

The Council for Disability Awareness is happy to announce the expansion of our blog to include topics of importance to employers. Our goal is to create a discussion with human resource and business leaders that covers all things related to the workplace and employee benefits. One topic we will highlight more frequently is employers’ expanding focus on employee financial health and wellness.

New Parents Often Make These Financial Mistakes

You are going to have a baby. You have plenty of planning to do: Baby showers, potential schools, preparing the nursery, and preparing yourself for three hours of sleep. Everything seems to be discussed except for finances. Without deep, anticipatory discussions and planning you may be walking headlong into any number of common financial mistakes new parents often make.