Improving Productivity with Mindfulness Meditation

Oct-meditation-imageBoosting workplace productivity is priority for many CEOs, HR leaders and management alike. Some look to the newest trends in hiring as a way of improving worker productivity, such as working with remote employees, who are 14% more productive on average than their cubicle-bound colleagues. When it comes to leveraging your existing workforce, however, one effective tool to consider is mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve attention—particularly, stability, control and efficiency. Incorporating mindfulness meditation into the workplace doesn’t have to be hard—simply hiring an outside consultant to come in and run sessions during the morning is all it takes—and the benefits of doing so in terms of boosting productivity are more than worth the costs.

Here are just a few reasons to offer mindfulness meditation sessions during the workweek, all of which can lead to a calmer, more productive workforce.

Stress Reduction

Stress is one of the most omnipresent issues faced by professionals both in America and throughout the rest of the world today. In the U.S. alone, fallout from stress costs an annual $300 billion!. One of the core functions of practicing mindfulness meditation is the reduction of stress, which seems to melt away after even a short session of 10-15 minutes. Just about any office can benefit from an added sense of calm—especially high-stress environments.

Improved Cognition

For those who find themselves tasked with “knowledge work” on a daily basis—that is, work based around critical thinking processes—getting through an eight-hour day can be easier said than done. As mindfulness has been linked with improvements in cognition, it serves as the perfect practice for keeping “brain drain” and burnout at bay. Just as a professional musician would never step out on stage without first tuning his or her instrument, your staff should greet each workday with fresh headspace, and mindfulness meditation is the perfect catalyst for doing so.

Enhanced Collaboration

No matter how siloed your office happens to be, chances are your employees are going to have to work together on projects at one time or another. Not everyone excels at collaborating with others, and management often overlooks the importance of honing this skill. Mindfulness meditation, however, may prove to be successful in enhancing collaborative efforts, particularly in teams where listening skills leave something to be desired. If you’ve encountered roadblocks due in large part to poor communication, mindfulness may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Nondenominational, easy to integrate into the workday and backed by science, mindfulness meditation at work is all the rage among business leaders and professionals across all industries—and for good reason.