Some of the Top Budgeting Apps Available

Some of the Top Budgeting Apps Available

Saving. Investing. Budgeting. These financial responsibilities take up your time and you are not quite up to the task. Maybe you will be once you are less busy. Or once you have settled into your new home. Or once you get engaged. Enough! There are apps that help you with these financial responsibilities. It can’t get much easier, can it? Since many people find budgeting to be one of the greatest “burdens” of financial planning, we’ll take a look at some top budgeting apps.

Five Great Budgeting Apps


Budgeting app PocketGuard connects to your bank accounts. You will never be without instant transaction and balance access again.

The app has an easy to understand home screen that monitors the amount of money in your pocket, your current income, and how much of it you have spent. This budgeting app dissects your spending habits, identifies recurring payments so you can plan for them, and provides a snapshot of your cash flow.

Charts inform you where you spend by category. This in itself helps you find areas that require belt tightening.

You Need a Budget

YNAB, or You Need a Budget, also connects directly to your bank account. YNAB highlights four financial rules: Plan for infrequent expenses, give every dollar a job, roll with the punches if you overspend, and age your money.

Beyond budgeting, you can watch online classes that help you get the most from this budgeting app.


Spendbook features great tracking and budgeting capabilities. Adding new income or expense transactions is a breeze. Photos of an item purchased, or a receipt, enhance the app’s utility. Expenses and income are easily categorized. Daily and monthly expense reports are available with companion infographics and charts.

Home Budget

Home Budget with Sync has a useful family sharing feature. It allows users to set a budget and sync income and expenses among numerous devices. Home Budget allows users to track purchases and gain insight about spending habits with the aid of charts, infographics, or itemized lists. The aspect that sets this budgeting app apart from others is definitely the family sharing capability.

Budget Boss

Budget Boss is a very simple iPhone app. It helps you create a budget, and it evaluates the strength of your budget. This is a perfect budgeting app for those looking for simple, quick, and easy budgetary assistance.

Budgeting IS Difficult Even with Budgeting Apps

In the introduction, we teased the “non-budgeter” by implying that apps will make budgeting an incredibly easy task. However, apps cannot work miracles. There are many reasons, beyond technology, which create budget-averse people.

Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Limiting ourselves financially makes us discouraged about our current financial situation.
  • We simply have never been taught how to prioritize financial goals.
  • Budgeting does not come naturally.
  • Our financial choices are heavily influenced by how we were raised.

That said, budgets are a mandatory element of financial health. They help you save, stop you from spending what you don’t have, expose bad spending habits, and pave the way to retirement.

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