The pandemic's affect on Social Security

COVID-19 and the Social Security Administration

Though COVID-19 threatens everyone, the elderly face the greatest peril, including – possibly –the United States Social Security Administration. SSA turned 85 years old in August 2020, and it is time to check in on how the pandemic is affecting the department.   Social Security administers retirement, Social Security Disability Insurance, survivor, Supplemental Security Income…

Why Gen Z Will Receive Social Security Retirement Benefits

By Melissa Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Citizens Disability INTEGRATION. Many people who are part of Generation Z (individuals born between 1995 and 2010) believe Social Security retirement benefits won’t exist when they’re ready to leave the workforce. And, they’re wrong. Chances are high that Social Security will survive for future generations — and that’s in…

Time to Debunk These Persistent Disability Insurance Myths

Disability insurance myths are pervasive. Disability myths are somewhat dangerous because they may prevent you from protecting your greatest financial asset—your ability to earn a paycheck. When you think of disability insurance, do you think about insurance that covers disability due to a relatively severe accident? Many people do. What about the chance of a disability happening to you? You are a careful person and you have a desk job. No need for disability insurance, right? Well, the preceding scenarios make up two of the larger disability insurance myths. It makes you wonder how many other disability insurance myths you believe.