It’s National Puppy Day! Let’s Celebrate the Health Benefits of Pets

It's National Puppy Day! Let's Celebrate the Health Benefits of Pets

To celebrate the fluffiest holiday of the year, we’re here today to honor man’s best friend by recognizing the many health benefits of pets. You might be surprised by how many life-enhancing, life-saving benefits pooches can offer.

Just to name a few attributes, pups are good for…

…Your Mood and Mind

Mental health is such a critical component of our health and wellbeing. If you want a positive mental boost, a pup can probably help. There is overwhelming evidence that owning a dog can make you feel safer, less lonely, and happier overall.

In addition to offering faithful companionship, fighting depression and reducing stress, dogs are known to increase laughter and delight by about 1,000 percent.

…Your Social Life and Relationships

Ever notice how social dog owners seem to be? It turns out dogs are fantastic little icebreakers that can make dramatic improvements to their owners’ social lives.

There’s nothing like the presence of a bounding pup to spark a conversation. In the neighborhood, the park, downtown, and even some workplaces, dogs are getting people to interact who otherwise might never have anything to do with one another. Who knows, one of the health benefits of pets you receive might just come in the form of an exciting new relationship!

In addition to being sources of social lubrication, canines can make a significant impact on your existing relationships. If you’re considering having a human baby with someone, adopting a puppy together to see how they deal with potty training, sleep interruption, the destruction of property (chewed furniture, purloined sandwiches, etc.), and other common puppy adversity can be a great test run.

And if you want to teach little Jimmy about responsibility, or embark on a long-term cooperative family effort, adopting a dog is a great place to start.

…Your Body

Dog owners tend to walk more and be more active in general, which, of course, is good for you and certainly one of the best health benefits of pets. More exercise means lower blood pressure and a healthier heart.

People who live with dogs also tend to have stronger immunity and fewer allergic reactions.

Perhaps most remarkable of all the health benefits of pets is the wide range of skills offered by service dogs. There are dogs that can offer mobility support and provide assistance for people with hearing or vision loss, and even dial an emergency help line for diabetics or those who have seizures. There are service dogs helping those with severe allergies and psychiatric issues, and specially trained pups that help people in wheelchairs with everyday tasks.

…Your Soul

How can you calculate the impact of true, faithful companionship in your life? That’s an inexact science, of course. But most dog owners will agree with the abstract yet undeniable notion that pets are indeed good for the soul.

Hard to prove, yet easy to confirm.

The Health Benefits of Pets Are Endless

Dogs have a unique ability to bring us joy. We grow so attached to our special animals and treat them like members of the family (often much better). In addition to being so loving and forgiving, canines increase our quality of life in a multitude of substantive ways.

If you’re not already a dog owner, this National Puppy Day is a great time to rescue a dog in need of a good home. You just might find yourself asking, who rescued who?

Image Credit: Shutterstock