Disability Insurance: A Benefit for All

Employers Can Attract the Best and Brightest by Offering Disability Insurance


Americans put a great deal of emphasis on salary. What’s the first thing a new employee focuses on before they take a position? Salary. Just Google salary negotiations. There are thousands of sites devoted to getting every dollar possible. How far down the line do employees go before they concern themselves with disability insurance?

Here’s another example. An employer provides a job offer. An applicant accepts. When the applicant spreads the good news, what is the first question a spouse, close friend, or parents inquire about? Most likely, “What is the pay?”

Salary IS important. That is exactly why disability insurance is important because it protects an employee’s salary.

Disability Insurance Is a Major Benefit for Employers Looking for Good Employees 

  • Around 90 percent of all workers consider their ability to earn an income as their most important financial resource.

So, an employer searching for great employees, should tout the fact that they provide employees the ability to make a good income AND protect it. If an employer does not offer disability insurance, they should consider adding it to their benefits package.

Other Advantages for Employers Who Increase Employee Benefits 

  • Increased benefit choices can increase employee loyalty to the employer.
  • Around 75 percent of employees consider benefits extremely important.
  • Around 80 percent of employees say benefits provide peace of mind.

Disability Insurance Is a Major Benefit

As an employer, next time you have the chance to offer disability insurance, you may want to seriously consider it. Especially when you consider that 62 percent of employees are looking towards their employers for more help in financial security through the employer’s benefits package.


Employers Can Attract the Best and Brightest by Offering Disability Insurance


If you need more reasons to offer a disability insurance benefit, download your complimentary infographic here.