Counteracting Stress in the Office

Oct-stress-imageThe modern office is often considered to one of the safer work environments out there—certainly less hazardous than a construction site. When it comes to stress, however, office jobs are far from being harmless. 33% of office workers feel as if they’re living with extreme stress, which can easily contribute to depression and anxiety—both capable of causing loss of work.


Stress only builds when left unaddressed and is essential to tackle as soon as it’s identified. Feeling stuck? Here are a few ways to counteract stress in the office.

Start Fresh Every Day

Everyday, at least 31 million Americans skip breakfast. Many people who wind up as part of this statistic do so because they find themselves rushing each day to get to work on time—a habit that can be challenging to break. Entering the workday with a rushed mind will contribute to an atmosphere in which stress can thrive. The solution can be found in waking up at an hour that gives you plenty of time to shower, eat breakfast and otherwise prepare for the workday.

Be Communicative

Any work environment can serve as a breeding ground for tension, which only builds upon itself when left ignored. Workplace conflict is toxic to organizations across all industries, causing dissension between employees and unnecessary discomfort that no one ever wants to deal with upon coming to work. Conflict and tension can only be expected to get worse without one person addressing the situation, which is why it’s so important to be communicative.


If something is bothering you, bring it up to either a manager or the person themselves—you’ll be saving yourself a great deal of undue stress by nipping the situation in the bud.

Stay Mindful of Your Workload

Anyone who has ever taken on more than they can handle in any aspect of life knows just how uncomfortable it can be to feel as if things are spiraling out of control. With more than half of American workers feeling overextended, burnout is a real problem that must be given attention. The issue often arises when one begins to feel as if they simply can’t handle the amount of work being handed off to them—something that many employees avoid bringing up so as not to upset management. If your workload is causing excessive amounts of stress, the best way to relieve pressure is to talk about it with a manager and discuss ways in which to spread the work out more evenly.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that getting rid of stress in the workplace 100% is essentially impossible. There will always be moments in which stress enters into the situation for a moment, and in many cases, it can actually be a positive, motivating factor. By working toward negating unnecessary stress, however, you can expect a more pleasant, productive workweek going forward.