How Businesses Can Create Better Access

Every year, thousands of businesses face lawsuits for not taking the proper steps to ensure their establishment is accessible to people with disabilities. Below are some tips to create better access for all – so that as many people as possible can patronize your business — while also avoiding legal trouble.   Identify Alternate Entrances…

How to Help Your NEW Employee Make a Smooth Relocation

In today’s economy, many companies are finding it challenging to attract the talent they need to fill specific roles. Often that can mean finding a new hire or recruiting an existing employee from another city who would consider relocating for a new position. In fact, one study found that more than half of those surveyed…

How Companies Can Ensure Employees Feel Supported While on Leave

A recent study by Guardian on absence management informs us of how employers can help their workers while on leave from a disability, and provide the support they need for when they return to work.