About Us

The Council for Disability Awareness is focused on educating working Americans about their disability risks and the need to protect their paychecks.

The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping wage earners, so they can keep the paychecks coming even if an illness or injury forces them to stop working.

Most people underestimate the chances of a disabling illness or injury happening to them, and most are not prepared. When a wage earner loses their income as a result of disability and has nothing to replace it with, the results can be financially disastrous for them and their family.

The Council for Disability Awareness wants wage earners to take control, protect their paychecks and avoid the risk of financial hardship due to disability. Support from our member companies makes it possible for us to provide resources that help people understand their disability risk and the need to protect incomes.

We help working Americans and their families understand these facts about keeping an employee paycheck coming no matter what:

We help employers plan, implement and communicate disability insurance benefits to their employees.

  • The risk of experiencing an income-interrupting illness or injury
  • Financial hardships that can result from losing one’s paycheck
  • The value of planning ahead and protecting their paycheck
  • Options that exist to protect their paycheck

We help financial advisors and insurance professionals educate clients and prospects about disability planning and choosing the best disability insurance.

In addition, the CDA compiles disability statistics and conducts research related to disability insurance claims and disability awareness trends, with the objective of increasing public discourse about the topic income protection.

The CDA also encourages working Americans, private enterprise, nonprofits and the government to work together to raise awareness and find workable solutions to the problem of income protection.

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