Some of the Weirder Stress Symptoms

Some of the Weirder Stress Symptoms

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine. Actually, open them, you are reading. Now picture someone who is stressed out. You likely see the same stereotypical stressed-out person we all see. However, stress manifests itself in many ways. Some stress symptoms are far from the stereotype you envisioned.

Conditions You Never Knew Were Stress Symptoms  

Your Skin Itches

If you are constantly itching your skin (despite your expensive moisturizer), this could be a stress symptom. A sudden return of eczema may also indicate stress.

Rashes are a relatively common stress symptom. The reason? Stress compromises your immune system. Therefore, your skin is more likely to be affected by irritants and infections, which a fully healthy immune system controls.

Your Nails Change

Stress hormones can turn healthy nails brittle or even cause raised ridges. The reason? Stressed people fidget and press their fingertips down on their nail edges. If you do this “nervous tick” long enough, the result may be ridges.

You Become Forgetful

When you’re stressed out, the part of your brain responsible for short term memory is affected by the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol flooding your brain may make it more difficult to remember.

Another role stress plays in memory is difficulty in focusing. When stressed your mind is concerned about other things. Trying to focus on work when you are under financial strain, or have poor health, can be futile.

You Start to Have Vision Problems

Eyes can feel the effects of stress. Stress symptoms can be as minor as eye or eyelid twitching, or as major as reduced peripheral vision.

You Have Nose Bleeds

Stress does not directly cause a nosebleed. But what stress may do is increase your blood pressure to the point where the tiny blood vessels in the nose rupture.

You Are Gassy

Excessive gas is a stressor in and of itself. It is also a symptom of stress. Why do we get gassy when stressed? We likely eat and drink too quickly, in addition to having an already nervous stomach.

There Is Nothing Weird About Stress

Chronic stress is a killer. A twitching eye or a little bit of gas may not scare you, but long-term stress symptoms affect your body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Being able to recognize weird stress symptoms, as well as the stereotypical stress symptoms (high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes) can give you a jump on managing them.