Prevention and Income Protection: Survive These Crazy Work Injuries

Five Crazy Work Injuries to Remind You that Income Protection Starts with Safety

Most people work in professions that are not particularly “dangerous.” But even those who work in climate-controlled comfort should take careful note of surroundings, err on the side of safety, and expect the unexpected – because income protection begins with protecting ourselves.

You never know what might be lurking around the corner – or the nearest cubicle. Here are just a few reminders of how things can go (seriously) awry on the job and put our income protection at risk.

Man Breaks Hip on Vending Machine

In a noble attempt to help a co-worker dislodge a snack stranded in a vending machine claw, an electronics store employee found out the hard way that hip-checking a large machine is never a wise move.

The employee ended up with a fractured hip and a protracted workers’ comp battle.

Lesson Learned: A gentle reminder that while disappointing, if the Doritos in B3 get stuck on the way down, it’s probably best to just let it go.

Weaver’s Bottom is as Uncomfortable as it Sounds

An unfortunate reality of the modern workplace is a copious amount of sitting. Excessive sitting has been linked to increased risks of cancer and early death, and a lesser-known ailment known as Weaver’s bottom.

Lesson Learned: To steer clear of all these sitting-related maladies, be sure to get up as much as possible throughout the day. Even if you’re tethered to a chair for your job or stuck in an office, you can always get up, stretch, crank out a few push-ups or do something else energetic to avoid the fate of a Weaver’s bottom diagnosis.

Some other ways to integrate more motion in your day include:

  • Eat at your desk and then take a walk during your lunch break. Or use part of your break to walk.
  • Set a timer every hour and get up and move around. Walk around the building or up and down the stairs. Walk to the bathroom or to the water cooler.
  • Stop before you send that email to an office mate: Could you deliver the news in person instead by walking over to his or her desk?

Owl Felon Doesn’t Give a Hoot

Police officers face any number of dangers on a daily basis. Birds are not usually among their chief concerns, but one officer in Covington, La., was attacked by an ornery owl while on patrol one fateful evening. After feeling some “scratching” and eventually “pecking,” the officer lost control of his car and crashed into a ditch.

Lesson Learned: Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in this incident, and a valuable injury-avoiding lesson was learned by man (windows up at night!) and bird (don’t fly into cars!) alike. And remember, an owl might not give a hoot about income protection, but you should.

Combustible Dust is a Real Thing

Fire hazards are a serious concern at any workplace. Many will think of electrical fires or gas leaks, but don’t forget about dust. Make sure your company has a safe dust collection system or you could be subjected to a terrifying ordeal like these workers at a New Jersey manufacturing plant.

Lesson Learned: Talk to your Human Resources Department to see if your company’s dust collection system has been inspected recently and is up to snuff. You just might prevent a fire and save a life.    

Spiders Are Against Income Protection

Staying with the animal theme, spiders should not be overlooked no matter where you work. They can hide just about anywhere, and cause more damage than you might think. Consider this story of a warehouse worker who was bit by a brown recluse spider on the finger, but ended up having to be hospitalized after the infection spread throughout his body.

There was also a recent report of a retail worker who was bitten by a spider while working the cash register, which ended up triggering a previously undetected autoimmune disorder.

Lesson Learned: Long story short, always be extremely cautious near dark corners or any other place where spiders like to hide. A spider surprise is not in anyone’s best interest.

Hopefully these cautionary tales will serve as a reminder to be proactive about staying safe and vigilant while on the job. Accidents can happen at any time, so be careful out there!

Image Credit: Shutterstock