Image of a man with the question: How can I get disability insurance?

How Can I Get Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance for working Americans. The financial expert Dave Ramsey calls it “a necessity.” It has been described as a valuable benefit by NPR while NBC News calls it “more important for singles than just about anyone.” Having a form of income protection for when you’re injured, ill…

Picture of woman with words: How does disability insurance actually work?

How Does Disability Insurance Actually Work?

Disability insurance provides critical financial protection that is very different from other insurance products. Millions of working Americans don’t have it, and many don’t fully understand what it protects. A 2017 report from LIMRA revealed that 65 percent of respondents thought that most people need disability insurance. Yet only 48 percent thought they personally needed it, and a…

Image of a house with wording: 50 million households in the US do not have private disability insurance

How Many Working American Households Lack Private Disability Coverage?

By Andrew Melnyk, Chief Economist and Vice President of Research, American Council of Life Insurers Last week, Fred Schott of The Council for Disability Awareness outlined an approach to answering the following question: how many working Americans have (or don’t have) some form of private disability coverage? It is an important question because, as we know, Social…